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Helping Patients Outsmart Overeating

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Helping Patients Outsmart Overeating

Psychological Strategies for Doctors and Health Care Providers

(Rowman & Littlefield, 2017)

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Medical visits can be frustrating for dysregulated eaters and people on the higher end of the weight spectrum, as well as for the professionals who treat them—the weigh-ins, lectures about diets and exercise, and the discouragement felt by patient and practitioner alike. Written by two seasoned professionals who’ve recovered from their own eating problems, this multi-award winnng book teaches psychological and success strategies that promote healing conversations between providers and patients. It teaches:

  • Why shame and blame have no place in discussions about eating and weight.
  • Why empathy, active listening, compassion and self-compassion are crucial skills for patients and practitioners to help them achieve their respective goals.
  • How practitioners can feel comfortable talking with their patients about their relationship with food and their bodies.
  • How patients can assert themselves and express their need to be heard and validated with health care providers.
  • Strategies for providers to get support for themselves and their patients to treat eating and weight concerns successfully. 


  • 2017 Best Book Awards (BBA)
  • 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY)
  • 2017 National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA)