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Words to Eat By

Using the Power of Self-talk to Transform Your Relationship with Food and Your Body

(Turner Books, 2021)

Words to Eat By teaches you to use word power, not willpower, to succeed at healthier eating, staying active, and enjoying top-notch self-care. Filled with case studies and hundreds of self-talk examples, this book will teach you:

  • how we consciously or unconsciously talk ourselves into or out of emotions and behaviors 
  • the elements of destructive and constructive self-talk 
  • how to jump-start and sustain motivation to improve your health
  • what to say to yourself in order to eat just the right amount to nourish your body 
  • wise self-talk to use around food when you’re alone, in social situations, stressed or upset

Readers' Reviews

“Words to Eat By was a fantastic read with pearls of wisdom for life not just food. The writing is practical, easy to read and straightforward. There are so many empowering self talk examples. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking to change how they speak to themselves.”

“I know I don’t have the best self-talk and now I don’t have to struggle to figure out what to say to myself. I’m trying to talk nicer to me and I keep Words to Eat By nearby so I can look and see what it says in different situations.”

“Because the author had eating problems, she really knows how people with food problems talk to themselves. So, I trust her teaching me that to recover I need to find better self-talk. I’ve got to say she covers all the bases in Words to Eat By.”