Nice Girls Finish Fat

Put Yourself First and Change Your Eating Forever

(Simon & Schuster, 2009)

What’s a “nice girl” (or guy)? Someone who puts others’ needs before her own, is a consummate people-pleaser and feels like a doormat. Learn the connection between taking care of people with your generous nature and warm heart and taking care of yourself with food. This compassionate, wise, laugh-at-yourself book will teach you how to stop eating emotionally and start taking consistent care of yourself by:

• Identifying and expressing your needs
• Giving up perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking
• Saying “no” and setting better limits with yourself and other people
• Balancing work and play and the care-taking of self and others
• Creating a meaningful, passionate life that doesn’t center around food and weight

Book Testimonials:

I learned a lot from reading the book. It is extremely readable, and going back the second time, I've got things to think about and journal about, and because of how the book is organized that is going to be very easy to do. If you know nothing about normal eating, you might find a unique entry into learning how and why you eat too much, too often, or when you are too upset.
-- S.N.

The book was a wake-up call. Now I put myself on my list of things to do each day and take much better care of myself. It's paying off big-time. Someone once told me that when you are on an airplane, the safety instructions remind you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Then you can help others. This is what this book is all about.
-- C.V.

This book is written very well and is also enjoyable to read. I saw myself in many of the women profiled. If you are a woman who does it all but neglects herself, this book is for you. Self care is not over rated and this book will help you take care of you. I know it helped me.
-- A.M.

Since women, at least those of us in the Western World, are socialized to be pleasers, Karen Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed. has written a wonderful book to help us save ourselves from ourselves. While the specific content of Ms. Koenig's book relates to weight management, it is applicable to all women who need a recovery program for being pleasers at their own peril. It is deceptively simple and chock full of stories to help readers see themselves in the lessons she teaches. She is a master clinician, and that comes through on every page.
-- Dr. Beth Erickson, author of MARRIAGE ISN'T FOR SISSIES

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