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For over 30 years, I’ve been helping dieters, emotional and mindless eaters, and weight-cyclers become “normal” eaters. If you want to improve your relationship with food and your body, here’s how I can help.


  • Bingeing, overeating, living to eat, and struggling with food and shame hangovers
  • Dieting, restricting “forbidden” foods, and depriving yourself of nourishment and pleasure
  • Obsessing about weight or yo-yoing wildly up and down the scale
  • Using food to manage your emotions and take care of yourself

Using the Power of Self-talk to Transform Your Relationship with Food and Your Body

Psychological Strategies for Doctors and Health Care Providers

Boost Your Life Skills, End Your Food Problems

Seven Keys to a Permanent Positive Relationship with Food

A Commonsense Approach for Dieters, Overeaters, Undereaters, Emotional Eaters, and Everyone in Between!

A Full Course Meal on Emotional Health

What Every Therapist Needs to Know About Treating Eating and Weight Issues

Put Yourself First and Change Your Eating Forever


  • Say goodbye to the magical idea of quick fixes for weight loss and unhealthy eating?
  • Discover how diets have failed me and how to be healthy and fit?
  • Reconnect to and eat according to my appetite signals?
  • Retrain my brain to say “yes” and “no” to food in the right balance?
  • Feel my feelings and learn strategies to manage life without using food for comfort, coping or excitement?