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The Food and Feelings Workbook

A Full Course Meal on Emotional Health

(Gürze Books, 2007)

You can stop emotional eating. Discover how listening to your feelings is the key to improving your eating and your life. Rather than fear and avoid uncomfortable emotions, learn to view them as guideposts to happiness and success. Find out:

• The true purpose of emotions
• Why there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” feelings
• How to take care of yourself and your emotions without food
• How to value all your emotions and use them to create a better life
• How experiencing feelings will lead to trusting yourself and knowing when enough is enough with food and in life.

Reader's Reviews

“I've worked with folks who struggle with eating disorders for nearly 3 years now. This workbook continues to be my favorite. The material is insightful, approachable, and meaningful. I like that it even has some humor in it (and it's not cheesy). This workbook is so good that I'm even going to lead a woman's self care group, with this workbook as the central focus. It's a helpful piece of work for anyone, not only the eating disorder recovery community. Thank you Karen! Your work is powerful medicine!”

“I've just received my copy of The Food and Feelings Workbook and am SO excited! I've been working on it every night. I've always known that my eating is connected to emotions, but I really couldn't figure out anything deeper than that. This workbook helps you get to the "under layers" of what’s going on..... identifying what feelings specifically you are trying to avoid and helping you to understand WHY you've been doing this for so long. It also addresses reviewing where your old beliefs come from and creating new ones to help you behave differently now. I was excited to see this come out, since I have such a great opinion of Karen's book The Rules of “Normal” Eating, which at times was so close to the truth of how I think and operate, I laughed out loud. If you're willing to get serious about addressing the emotional reasons for your eating habits, I'd certainly recommend investing in this workbook.”

“This is my all-time favorite eating disorder book. I'm an LPC (clinician) and use this with my clients. It has great worksheets and a lot of insightful information. I highly recommend this book to professionals and others. It's easy to read and do on your own outside of counseling.”