Want to know the most commonly asked question when people contact me to help resolve their eating problems — How long will it take? Typically, overeating and binge-eating problems resolve in anywhere from many months to a few years. Although I’ve helped people with just one or a few sessions and others pursue therapy with me for months or years, I can’t say how long your recovery will take. However, I can promise that I will help identify your problems — eating and otherwise — and provide you with the support and specific strategies needed to resolve them. Even if you’re engaged in therapy with a general therapist, a one-time consultation may be just what you need to get your eating problems unstuck and move you toward reaching your food and fitness goals.

My Approach is Eclectic and Includes

1. Retraining your brain to behave more appropriately around food, which involves creating a rational belief system and practicing effective eating habits.

2. Learning and practicing new life skills to manage stress, distress, and traumatic memories.

3. Eliminating psychological/emotional barriers that prevent you from “normal” eating and maintaining and sustaining a sane and satisfying relationship with food for life.

In Person

Visit me in my Sarasota, Florida, office for psychotherapy or a consultation to improve your eating. Although my expertise is in eating issues, I also treat anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship problems, including doing couples and family therapy.

Talks and Workshops

Do you own or work for a company whose employees could use some help with their eating? I do presentations for large groups and seminars for small groups tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Remember that my focus is different than the usual diet promoter. My goal is to help people fix their eating problems, enhance their life skills, and eliminate psychological barriers to having a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

Client Reviews

I can’t believe that in just two sessions Karen steered me in a new direction with food.
~ R.G.
Working with Karen for a year, I’ve grown so much. My eating has become "normal" for the most part, though our work is not just about food. Karen highlights things which are new to me — and sometimes the truth hurts — but she also respects when I say I’m not ready to do something. I highly recommend her if you are ready to get serious about the work that needs to be done in your life.
~ A.Y.
I’ve been doing eating coaching with Karen for two years, allowing me to benefit from her clinical expertise and coaching experience. My relationship with food and my body is healthier now because of the work we’ve done together.
~ T.L.
Meeting with Karen was what finally brought to light how issues with dieting and the focus on my body were ways I attempted to deal with emotions and areas of my life that I did not want or know how to face. Our sessions have helped me change my thoughts and actions and my body seemed to follow suit naturally. Karen has a way of showing you the blind spots in your thinking and gently challenges you to face those areas of life you so desperately need to see clearly for lasting changes to occur. Its the best gift I have ever given myself.
~ H.L.
My therapist is great but she’s not a specialist in food problems, so she referred me to Karen. There really is a difference when someone knows about eating obsessions. I can see progress already and I’m really grateful.
~ L.L.
In just two sessions, Karen helped me understand the underlying causes of my overeating. I am now more self-aware and starting to experience my emotions rather than smother them with food. After many years of unsuccessful dieting, she has put me on the path of normal eating.
~ M.M. 
I had no idea how complex eating issues were until I started meeting with Karen. I now see that there’s nothing inherently wrong with me that I can’t fix and that not valuing myself is in many ways my biggest problem. I’m learning to take better care of myself, with food and in other areas of my life, and this time I think the changes will finally stick.
~ J.L.

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