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The Story of One Man’s Permanent Lifestyle Change

I was interviewed a while ago by Stanley F. Bronstein who radically changed his eating and lifestyle to become happier, healthier, and more fit. His story is inspiring. Hear his interview of me at http://superchangeyourlife.com/interviews/interviews-karen-koenig/ and learn more about him at SuperChangeYourLife.

As you know, I don’t focus much on weight, but part of Stanley’s transformation was losing and keeping off more than 130 pounds and getting into an exercise regime he enjoys. His blood pressure dropped from 180/90 to 100/50 and I bet many of his “lab numbers” improved as well. Stanley says his problem was that he wasn’t willing to make the necessary changes [to get healthy] because he felt as if that would mean giving something up, that there would be too many painful sacrifices. But after sustaining success, he insists he didn’t give anything up, but has gained so much. He now “eats to live” and “no longer lives to eat.” Food simply is not as important to him as it used to be.

What motivates him? He says he’s learned to enjoy different foods without restricting himself because that would be a sacrifice and feels it’s his privilege to eat healthy foods. Hmm, I wonder if you’ve ever thought of eating healthfully as a privilege? He also views exercise as a privilege, not an obligation. A great concept because we generally feel positive about privileges and negative about obligations, so Stanley’s viewpoint automatically keeps him motivated.

Stanley found his own way with exercise. He walks—a lot! He prefers walking “as it doesn’t wear down your body as much as running or other activities.” I know people who swim, use an elliptical machine, or even a trampoline, for the same reasons. He chooses to cook most of his food because, he says, “I enjoy the cooking process and I know exactly what I’m eating as I’m doing the preparation.” He adds, “People used to unintentionally sabotage my efforts by encouraging me to eat the way they do. It was only when I decided that I was going to do what works for me, regardless of the opinion of others, that I began to permanently lose weight and keep it off.” Stanley proves the adage that you must put yourself—especially your eating—first in order to succeed.

So, there you have one man’s path to health and fitness. I’m not telling you to follow it. Instead, notice what inspires you about Stanley’s story. Ask yourself what he did that could work for you and what you’re willing to do to get healthy. Then take that feeling of inspiration and those ideas and use them to super-change your eating and your life.

Creativity and Binge Eating

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