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Really Free Up Your Time


It’s ironic how so many dysregulated eaters rush around and complain about how much they have to do, but always make time for a binge. I hadn’t realized how ironic this phenomenon is until I was talking to a client who was wildly excited that giving up binge-eating had freed up her time to do activities she enjoyed. She said, “I can’t believe all the free time I have now that I don’t spend all those hours scouring my kitchen cabinets for something to eat—and then eating and beating myself up afterward.”

I understand: I’m a recovered binge-eater. It’s true how our lives and minds get filled up with what we’ll eat, shopping for it, cooking it, spending hours gorging until we’re sick—not to mention the clean up and precious minutes post-binge raking ourselves over the coals for “being bad.” Did you ever try adding up the precious time you’ve wasted engaged in these behaviors? I don’t say this for you to feel ashamed or guilty, but to remind you that your life will only get better when you stop binge-eating and find out what will make you happy. If nothing else, you’ll have more time for whatever. 

My client is using some of her time to learn the guitar. She tried once before, she said, but she wasn’t ready to make a commitment to what she saw as a project. Now she’s psyched and can’t wait. She’s thinking more of the fun ahead rather than what happens if she fails at learning or gives up on it. By stopping her food obsessions, she feels as if she’s been handed a gift of time and energy—of true living.

I know that many of you are thinking that you’re clueless what you’ll do with more free time and feel that too much of it is what sends you to the cookie jar. But as long as you keep ferrying yourself to and from it, you’ll never enjoy the freedom of having time to get to know yourself and the world better.

Is there anything you’ve yearned to do that you don’t think you’ve had the time for? Are there activities you’d enjoy, but haven’t gotten around to? Do you think about doing fun, energizing things, then get frightened at failing or at what people might think? The truth is, if you’re thinking any of these things, you might find food binges far safer than giving something else a try. 

The sad truth is that your best unlived life isn’t in the refrigerator. It’s hiding inside you and being terrorized by your fears. It involves doing things you may not even imagine yourself ever doing. I ended up going to graduate school, then writing books with much of my free time. Other people do other things, and you will too if you’ll only allow yourself to reach out a bit further than food. It’s time to devour life instead.






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