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Blogs are brief, to-the-point, conversational, and packed with information, strategies, and tips to turn troubled eaters into “normal” eaters and to help you enjoy a happier, healthier life. Sign up by clicking "Subscribe" below and they’ll arrive in your inbox. 

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My Work

Many of you know me only through this blog and may be unaware that I also operate two message boards at and. Although I don’t do as much teaching and public speaking as I used to, my events are listed at I have published four books: THE RULES OF “NORMAL” EATING, THE FOOD AND FEELINGS WORKBOOK, NICE GIRLS FINISH FAT, and a book for therapists, WHAT EVERY THERAPIST NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT TREATING EATING AND WEIGHT ISSUES. For more information, visit my websites at and

My primary message board is at With several hundred members, many of whom are active and some of whom are called “lurkers” (they only read posts), the board focuses on any issues related to food and emotions and is an open forum for members to discuss their struggles, challenges and successes. Members hail from all over the world—Australia, Ireland, England—yet all seem to speak the same language when it comes to trying to recover from eating problems. My other message board,, was developed for my NICE GIRLS book and, honestly, I’ve had trouble getting it off the ground no matter how much I nurture it. Hopefully some day it will come more alive.

Here’s a brief description of my books and how I came to write them. Disturbed by how clients floundered with how to eat more sanely and intuitively, I wrote THE RULES OF “NORMAL” EATING to provide appetite guidelines and teach readers that beliefs, behaviors and emotions all must be addressed to become a “normal” eater. THE FOOD AND FEELINGS WORKBOOK came about as I observed clients chronically turning to food rather than experience scary and uncomfortable feelings. The workbook’s twin goals are to teach the purpose of emotions in general and to explain 7 emotions that drive food abuse in particular, as well as to provide ample work space to learn more about your inner world, why you became an emotional eater, and how you can stop being one. NICE GIRLS FINISH FAT sprang from my experiences with clients and students who had food problems because eating was the major way they took care of themselves. I wanted to teach them that they paid a stiff price for being overly nice and show them how they could develop life skills that would reduce emotional eating.

Last but not least, I provide telephone therapy across the world. For more information, visit my websites or email me at mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..