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Make Recordings Work for You


Many clients value hearing what their therapist has to say to help them get over rough spots. “Just the sound of your voice” is what some have said when I’ve made recordings for them. Before cell phones, clients and I would develop a short script and I’d record it on a cassette which they’d play as needed. This is an old therapy tool, and certainly nothing original to my practice.

There are other ways to use recordings, especially now that we have cell phones which are easy to use. One is to make one yourself. You’d be surprised how supportive it feels listening to the wise person within you offering advice, providing self-soothing, or reminding you of what’s important in your life. You can make a recording in the first or second person depending on which you think will work best. 

Here's an excerpt of a recording my client Charlotte made for herself and plays whenever she feels anxious, which is often. We developed the script together. I am calm. I am relaxed. My breath is slow, deep and steady. I’m fine and life is beautiful. I inhale soothing energy and exhale tension. Here’s another excerpt from one that Joshua made and listens to as a reminder before visiting his parents: I am an adult, and my wisdom guides me in how to be loving and caring. Nothing is more important than taking care of myself around my parents. I feel compassion for them and for myself as we try to love each other the best way we can.

Another type of recording is one someone makes for you. This is especially useful when you don’t believe your own words. Choose someone who loves you and whom you trust to make the recording. Either give them a copy of what you want them to say and the tone you want them to use or develop one together that feels right for you and comfortable for them. Here’s a script my client Denise asked her partner to make for her and which she plays when she gets down on herself: You are a wonderful person and I love you. I can’t imagine life without you being there for me every day. You have amazing gifts and one of them is your kindness and how much of yourself you share with others. There’s no one I’d rather spend my life with.”

Here are some areas that lend themselves to recordings: anxiety, body image, “normal” eating, exercise, self-hate/self-love, relationships, motivation for self-care, getting specific tasks done, overcoming fear, and being more mindful. You can use recordings for anything and change them up as needed. They’re fun and they help you think, feel and act differently—and they have no down side!





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