How One Client Stopped Bingeing

What would you give to be binge-free? Here’s how one of my clients, after 30 years of binge-eating, has been free of it for nearly two months, saying she doubts she’ll ever resume this behavior again. I asked what she’d been doing differently and if she minded if I shared her story. She was eager to share her thoughts and encouraged me to blog about her success.

My client is a divorced, hard-working mom in her early 40s with a history of overeating, dieting, and hyper-focusing on food and weight. She came to me insisting that she could never change her eating. It was only in her third round of therapy with me (after two previous stints of a couple of sessions each time) that she began to make strides.

Here's the advice she wants to pass on to you that has helped her not binge: 

I would add that she has a positive, upbeat attitude in general, feels empowered to change her life, and learns from and doesn’t dwell, on her mistakes. 



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