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Get Your Magic Wand in Gear


In session, not too long ago, a client sighed and said she just wished I had a magic wand and could wave it over her to heal her eating disorder. How often I’ve heard that same wistful plea over my 30-plus years in the business. But this time, rather than smile and say my usual, “I would but my wand’s in the shop,” I told my client that she had her own magic wand but didn’t use it.

You all have one. The problem with magic wands is that one can’t simply acquire one and then shove it in the back of the closet and forget about it. Wands need to be used or what’s the point of having one? Do you buy a bicycle and not ride it, spend a fortune on a jumbo screen TV, then never turn it on? I hope not. You have to actually use the bike and the TV to get what you want from them.

Wands also need to be used or they lose their power. Think of them as rechargeable. You use your wand and it keeps running because it feeds off the juice of your using it. Never pick it up and it’ll lose all the potential it has to work for you. 

Don’t complain to me. I have the same problem. I have to use my wand to help myself and to keep it charged at the ready. We all do.

Here are some things your wand can do for you, but only when you bother to use it:

  • Stop you from over- or undereating.
  • Make appropriate choices about what to eat or not eat.
  • Trust yourself making eating decisions.
  • Get you to be more active when you have mixed feelings and are inclined not to.
  • Convince you to fill your shopping cart with mostly nutritious foods.
  • Shut off anxious thoughts whether about the past, present or future.
  • Talk you into making healthy meals for yourself.
  • Talk you out of watching TV while feeding yourself if it distracts from mindful eating. 
  • Make you less reactive to people or events and more thoughtful in your responses.
  • Keep you from dieting and weighing yourself.
  • Promote healthy decision making, especially about actions having consequences.
  • Push away irrational thoughts that are not in your best interest.

Your magic wand has amazing powers beyond your expectations. It has powers you never thought it had—if only you were to use it! Isn’t it time to get yours up and running and start waving it around yourself?