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Fat Girls Guide to Living

I want to tell you about a fabulous new website I discovered for overweight women—The Fat Girl’s Guide to Living at Here’s what the women who run the site say about it: “The Fat Girl’s Guide to Living is a lifestyle blog for and by overweight women who are tired of missing out on really living because of internal and external pressures and perceptions of themselves.“ They also describe the site as “a life hacker for the full-figured set.” Good stuff, huh?

What I love about this site is that it makes no apologies for fat women. It proudly proclaims that you can be fat and still have a life, which many of you—fat or thin—don’t believe. Too many of you insist that being fat prevents you from being lovable, dating, going on vacation, saying what’s in your heart or mind, asking for what you need, being attractive or successful, and engaging in life to the max. True, being fat in this society can be a drag due to personal and institutional weight prejudice. True, nearly everywhere you turn—fashion, celebrities, doctors, the media, the workforce—there are subtle and not so subtle messages that obese equals flawed, bad and unacceptable.

The Fat Girl’s Guide to Living website gives us a different perspective: that overweight women have the same rights as other women (and men!), that many limits are self-imposed, and that you can live a full life in spite of your full-figuredness. I especially like what the site says it is not: “a fat-lovers club or fat acceptance movement; a diet, exercise or otherwise ‘cure for fat’ web site; politically correct; or skinny-chick haters.”

I bet there are some of you reading this blog who are thinking that this site could really benefit you and you’ll rush to check it out and be thrilled with it. I also bet there are readers who are skeptical about anyone or any site declaring that you can remain fat and feel good about yourself, and have a great life. You’d like to believe it, but it’s a stretch. Worse, I’m sure there are readers who are saying, “Ha, who are you kidding, Karen, and who are they kidding? Anyone can think what they want, but fat is ugly, awful, hateful, disgusting, and no one’s ever going to change that fact.” Frankly, I’m sad for those of you who believe this way. You’re stuck in negative, irrational thinking and clutching a victim mentality about your weight. Even if you can’t change your size right now, you can always (always!!!) change your beliefs.

Give the Fat Girl’s Guide to Living website a chance to help you do just that. And, while you’re on it, read my blog about being fat and dealing with health professionals.