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Fake News—In Your Head

What happens when we believe fake news and what happens when we take as truth the random irrational thoughts floating through our minds day in and day out is pretty much the same thing. When we stop even trying to distinguish fact from fiction—within or without— and go with how we “feel,” we surrender rationality and suffer grave consequences. When our eating behaviors are the product of mental flotsam—denial, fantasy, pretzel logic, and irrational fears—we can forget about growing healthier or wiser. The fake news being generated by our brains (aka eating disordered thinking) will keep us chained to the merry-go-round of emotional and mindless eating forever.

The only way off this very unmerry go-round is to take charge of our minds and start separating fact from fiction, fake news from real news. Here are the top 10 hits being broadcast 24/7 on the fake news channel of dysregulated eaters:

  1. I can’t stop eating this.
  2. I’d better eat this now or I’ll be hungry later when I can’t get food.
  3. This tastes too good to not finish it.
  4. I can’t bear the pain/discomfort of what I’m feeling.
  5. Food will make me feel better.
  6. I’ll feel better if I eat this.
  7. I can’t stop eating until all the food is gone.
  8. I’m going to start dieting tomorrow and won’t ever be able to eat this food again.
  9. I can’t say no to food.
  10. I don’t care/it doesn’t matter about consequences because I want this food now.

Here, ladies and gentlemen is the unvarnished truth, the antithesis of fake news:

  1. I can stop eating this and I’ll be fine.
  2. I can pretty much get food any time or place if I’m hungry and if I can’t, so what.
  3. No matter how good food tastes, I always have good reasons to stop eating it.
  4. I can bear what I’m feeling or learn how to tolerate emotional pain and discomfort.
  5. I’m 100% sure I’ll feel worse physically and emotionally if I eat this food.
  6. I’ll feel physically uncomfortable and ashamed, regretful and guilty if I eat this food.
  7. I can stop eating food at any time, no matter how much food is left.
  8. I can choose not to diet and eat this food when I want to.
  9. I can say no or yes to food, depending on what’s in my best long-term interest.
  10. Consequences of eating this food are more important than eating this food right now.

Better eating starts with better thinking, so ditch the fake news channel and tune into what’s factual, true and based on reason.



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