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Clothes and Weight

Let’s talk about clothes. I can hear a lot of you out there groaning. Yuck, clothes. Oy, clothes. I get how you feel, but maybe by the end of this blog you’ll feel a bit better. You know, this subject really doesn’t have to make you unhappy.

Many people who’ve struggled with their weight also struggle with their attitude toward clothes. It’s not uncommon for them to have several sizes of clothing in their closets, from larger and smaller times. It’s not uncommon for them to hold onto these items because they tell themselves they can’t stand to part with them.

What do these clothes that no longer fit mean to you that you believe you can’t let them go of them? Some clients say that certain items are associated with happy memories of feeling popular, loved, and unashamed of their bodies. Others insist that giving up smaller-sized pieces is like giving up hope that they’ll ever be the weight they wish to be. Or that tossing out larger-sized items means they’ll only need to go out and buy new ones when they gain back weight they’ve lost. I often hear female clients call smaller-sized clothes their “cute” clothes. Well, maybe it’s time to stop wanting to look cute and wish instead to look stylish, attractive or well-dressed which can be done at any size.

What does holding onto clothing at different sizes mean to you? Is giving up clothing in smaller sizes you used to wear actually a predictor of not losing future weight? Has keeping them in your closet spurred you on to shed goals? How long have you had this clothing? How do you feel harboring it in your closet—guilty, ashamed, hopeless and maybe despairing? No matter what happy memories you have of these items, my guess is that your unhappiness with them overshadows any pleasant recollections.

I understand that money may be an issue, so you save multi-sized clothes in case you may need them again. But, honestly, how long can you save them before they’re out of style? I love clothes and have a lot of them and buy probably 75% of them at thrift and consignment stores. They have current styles and great bargains, so you can wear clothes that fit and be a fashionista if you so choose.

If you’ve been unable alone to go through your closet and get rid of clothes that don’t fit, ask a friend for help. Maybe some items can be let out or taken in and morph into keepers. Remember that what is or is not in your closet won’t help you become a “normal” eater. That only comes from focusing on appetite, not clothes or weight.

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