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Change Your Beliefs and Rock Your World


I’d wager that most of your problems, eating and otherwise, are due to having erroneous beliefs you don’t even realize are underpinning your emotions and actions. Here’s a checklist of beliefs you want to have in order to live your best life. Moreover, you must believe them unequivocally, with no waffling, to get you where you want to go.

  1. I am lovable and worth caring about.
  2. I deserve the best that life has to offer.
  3. My job is to take excellent care of myself.
  4. Everyone doesn’t need to love or like me for me to love myself and be okay.
  5. Everyone struggles with emotions from time to time.
  6. I can take care of myself and others too.
  7. There are many people who will love and cherish me, but I need to seek them out. 
  8. What happened in my childhood does not define me because I define myself now.
  9. Everyone has regrets and wishes things about the past were different.
  10. With some limits, I chart my destiny.
  11. I can’t expect others to take better care of me than I take of myself.
  12. Life is filled with choices and consequences for everyone.
  13. Life isn’t fair, but it can still be worthwhile.
  14. Family isn’t everything and pulling away from toxic relatives is healthy.
  15. Everyone is learning life skills in adulthood.
  16. I am imperfect and so is everyone else and imperfection doesn’t mean not lovable.
  17. It’s okay to take actions that hurt other people as long as I’m doing it in the service of taking care of myself.
  18. I am not a victim even if I once was.
  19. I can change myself, not others.
  20. I can change habits, even the most ingrained ones.

Which of these statements do you believe whole-heartedly? Which surprised you because you realized that you’re not as emotionally healthy as you thought you were? Which are you still working toward believing?

Mentally healthy people have a vastly different set of beliefs about themselves and the world than unhealthy people. Beliefs are where it all starts, impacting what you focus on, feel and do. Effective beliefs set you on the right path in life. If you didn’t learn them in childhood—and many of us didn’t—now’s the time. Think of beliefs as a blueprint for living. Only with the right blueprint will you be able to build your best life. 





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