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Why Facts Don’t Always Change Our Thinking

Those of us who aspire to be rational creatures generally believe ourselves to be whether we are or not. When asked, we insist that we base our decisions on facts and expect that others should do so as well. But, as explained in “The partisan brain” (The Economist, 12/8/18, p. 33, accessed 12/10/18), the evidence shows that facts aren’t the big persuaders that we wish them to be. This subject is highly relevant to dysregulated eaters who find it hard to believe that diets don’t work long-term or that certain foods will likely harm their health down the road. As many of you know, these truths don’t always change your thinking or behavior. Ever wonder why? Jeremy Frimer of the University of Winnipeg suggests that “people are willing to dismiss or deny facts and opinions that run counter to their beliefs.” According to the authors of The Enigma of Reason, Hugo...

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Ways to Measure Progress Without Weighing Yourself

Many dysregulated eaters insist on weighing themselves because they say they need a way to measure their progress. Too often, weight is still the determinant of success even when you don’t want to believe it is. Whatever your bias, here are 21 great ways to assess your progress. Ask yourself these questions and note your progress with food.How often do I eat without being hungry and how often do I wait to eat until I’m hungry enough?Do I seek food when I’m emotionally upset as often as I used to?Do I often wait until I’m moderately hungry to eat?Do I deprive myself of food when I’m hungry to “save calories” for later?Do I seek food when I’m bored as often as I used to?Do I seek food when I’m stressed as often as I used to?Compared to previously, do I still weigh myself often or do I do it less?How frequently...

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