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Book Review: Someone to Talk To

SOMEONE TO TALK TO: FINDING PEACE, PURPOSE, AND JOY AFTER TRAGEDY AND LOSS by Samantha M. White, LICSW, is the story about overcoming trauma, loss and psychic pain. Though the book is not about eating, food or weight, if you are a disregulated eater who is trying to fully heal from deep emotional wounds, this memoir gives you a recipe for getting from here to there and will speed you on your journey.

Full disclosure: Samantha is a new friend whose book I offered to blog about if I liked it. I intended to browse through the review copy thoroughly enough to get a feel for it but, instead, was hooked from page one and read every word cover to cover. This memoir starts with the death of Samantha’s daughter in an automobile accident and moves on through the aftermath of tragedy. It chronicles the tortured break up of Samantha’s marriage, an equally tortured affair that feels so right and is so wrong, how grief brings her to her knees, and how she finds the spirit and courage to raise herself up to find meaning and happiness in life—an entire transformation in under 200 pages.

Because Samantha is passionate about helping others, the book includes a “recipe for a healed life”: Intention, Support, Meaning, a Goal, and Personalization. Intention means believing you can heal and ignoring the voices in your head that say you can’t. Support involves making the effort, even when it’s difficult, to reach out to friends, family and professionals and learning to depend upon and lean on them. Samantha is such a big fan of therapy to aid transformation that, mid-life, she became a therapist herself. Meaning is self-explanatory: figure out how you fit into the grand scheme of life and what you believe—or don’t believe—about the world, then dive in. A Goal pulls you forward and Samantha advises that you keep setting goals to help you grow and change. Personalization is tweaking this five-step process to make it work for you.

Many of you have suffered loss through death, chronic illness, divorce, miscarriage, and trauma, and have gotten stuck in a food or weight obsession which has prevented you from healing. You may be depressed, steeped in grief or victimhood, or feel immobilized to take any, or more than minimal, steps to reclaim your life. You may have turned to food or a weight preoccupation to bring you joy, solace, or a sense of purpose rather than step out into the world to find the real deal. If you’ve already started on the path to health and happiness, this book will lay out road markers; if you’re still mired in suffering, it will show you how to take those first steps. HYPERLINK "http://someonetotalktothebook.com" SOMEONE TO TALK TO will take you out there with Samantha and teach you how to live again.

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