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A Fat Rant Video

A client recently told me about a great YouTube video called A Fat Rant by Joy Nash. You can find it at

For all of you—fat, thin or in between—who simply cannot imagine feeling good about yourself at a weight society deems unacceptable, it’s a must-see. Frankly, it’s a must-see for everyone on the planet because it says what Gürze (and other) authors have been maintaining for decades: fat is neither a sin nor a crime. It’s nothing more than a descriptive term. I suggest you view the video and return to read the rest of this blog.

So, what did you think? I bet some of you felt terrific, seeing this self-admitted big (though she doesn’t look 220 pounds on the video), beautiful woman oozing self-confidence and self-love. We need more role models like her who are willing to put themselves out there and say, “Yes, I’m fat. So what?” and more folks who share her positive, upbeat attitude toward life. I’m not saying it’s easy as pie to possess a healthy, self-accepting mindset when you’re fat, but it is a learnable perspective, and one definite way to feel better about yourself at any weight.

Okay, I know some of you didn’t feel so terrific seeing the video. You were probably saying to yourself, “Yeah, sure, she feels that good about herself. Ha!” You were in disbelief because you can’t imagine being fat and having positive feelings. Well, just because you can’t, doesn’t mean someone else isn’t capable of loving her fat self. Often when we assign feelings to others that we have, we’re projecting onto them. Why not take at face value what the video star has to say? Why not try to emulate her?

What’s wrong with feeling good about yourself when you’re fat? Nothing—except that people may not see things your way. They may still believe fat is awful; worse, they may imply or tell you directly that you should focus on weight loss rather than health and living a quality life. Also, just as you may doubt that someone can feel good about her large body, folks may not believe you. So what! As long as you believe it, it doesn’t matter what’s going on inside someone else’s head (or what comes out of their mouth).

Is it easy to fight fat phobia? No, no and no again. It’s an uphill battle, but in the process you gain emotional muscle, learn not to personalize, empower yourself, practice self-love and self-respect, and focus on what’s important in life: health and the pursuit of whatever happiness means to you. Notice the video star talks about exercising and eating healthy. She’s got her head on straight. Remember, fat is not a four-letter word!