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OutsmartOvereat 2The reason you turn to food when you’re stressed or distressed is that you don’t have better ways of managing life’s ups and downs. According to Karen R. Koenig, an expert on the psychology of eating, you can transform your eating habits — and your life — by developing effective life skills. When you have enhanced skills, you won’t need to turn to mindless eating to make it through the day and will get the best out of life rather than letting life get the best of you. With Koenig’s guidance, you’ll learn how to establish and maintain functional relationships, take care of yourself physically and emotionally, think rationally, and create a passionate, joyful, and meaningful life. When these behaviors take root and become automatic, food becomes what it is meant to be: nourishment and one of life’s many pleasures. Buy Now:  Amazon  |  Buy Now:  Barnes & Noble

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Starting Monday is based on the simple premise that when our behaviors don’t align with our expressed intentions, we’ve got a conflict going on, often outside of our awareness. The book helps readers dig deeply into their psyches to figure out what mistaken beliefs and needless fears are holding them back from achieving their health and fitness goals. The keys will teach readers to:

1) create lasting change
2) make conscious choices
3) feel deserving
4) comfort themselves
5) know what's enough
6) manage intimacy
7) develop a healthy identity.

1 rulesof_bookDitch your diets and end overeating. Discover how to say “yes” and “no” to food in just the right balance by reading this wise, funny, compassionate book that’s no-nonsense and straight talking. Learn to:

1) Follow the four rules that “normal” eaters practice intuitively
2) Change negative thinking and create healthy habits
3) Manage difficult emotions, rather than starving or stuffing them
4) Feel healthy and “normal” around food
5) Create a life that is truly satisfying

2 foodfeelings_book

You can stop emotional eating. Discover how listening to your feelings is the key to improving your eating and your life. Rather than fear and avoid uncomfortable emotions, learn to view them as guideposts to happiness and success. Find out:
• The true purpose of emotions
• Why there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” feelings
• How to take care of yourself and your emotions without food
• How to value all your emotions and use them to create a better life
• How experiencing feelings will lead to trusting yourself and knowing when enough is enough with food and in life
4 treatingfood_bookMany general therapists encounter clients with mild to moderate eating problems and don’t know what to tell them other than to go on a diet or meet with a dietician. Too often, eating and weight appear as minor themes lurking behind major presenting problems such as anxiety, depression, trauma, low self-esteem and relationship conflicts. This book provides clinicians with clinical strategies, therapeutic techniques, and practical tips to address and resolve eating problems by laying out how:
• To identify if your client has a bona fide eating problem
• To raise clinical concerns about your client’s eating problems in a positive, useful way
• To tailor treatment options to your client’s eating problems and needs
• Various mental and health issues impact eating problems
• Transference and counter-transference about weight may derail therapy and ways to use them to provide effective treatment
3 nicegirls_bookWhat’s a “nice girl” (or guy)? Someone who puts others’ needs before her own, is a consummate people-pleaser, and feels like a doormat. Learn the connection between taking care of people with your generous nature and warm heart and taking care of yourself with food. This compassionate, wise, laugh-at-yourself book will teach you how to stop eating emotionally and start taking consistent care of yourself by:
• Identifying and expressing your needs
• Giving up perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking
• Saying “no” and setting better limits with yourself and other people
• Balancing work and play and the care-taking of self and others
• Creating a meaningful, passionate life that doesn’t center around food and weight

APPetiteAPPetite is the free Facebook app for anyone working to improve their eating. It offers in-the-moment, on-screen, personal advice developed by Karen as well as tips and techniques to help you overcome your unique eating problems.

Have a specific time of day when thoughts of food try to hijack your brain?Just set a prompt, and Karen’s suggestions will help you sail through your day with flying colors.

There’s also a journal component to track your struggles and progress. Best of all, APPetite is completely private and confidential: Information you divulge is stored safely and separately on a secure, off-site server.



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  • Bingeing, overeating, living to eat, and struggling with food and shame hangovers
  • Dieting, restricting “forbidden” foods, and depriving yourself of nourishment
  • Obsessing about weight or yo-yoing wildly up and down the scale
  • Using food to manage your emotions and take care of yourself


  • Say goodbye to the magical idea of quick fixes for weight loss and unhealthy eating?
  • Discover how diets have failed me and how to maintain a healthy, comfortable weight for life without dieting?
  • Reconnect to and respect my appetite signals?
  • Retrain my brain to say “yes” and “no” to food in the right balance?
  • Feel my feelings and learn strategies to manage life without using food for comfort and coping?


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